its happen again„ you broke it again„ I have no idea till when I can hold it„ this is too much„ I hate the fact that I love you this much!!! lets end up everything„, you deserves someone better„ cause im not good enough„, thank you for everything„, im done..,

pathetic me

I’ve looked so stupid! people laughing at me.. im not happy!! but I cant let you go!! everybody who know it was right„, im too deep In love and hurt my self„, I should learn how to stop!! just like riding on the highway I must step the break before I got crash!!!! you not love me! I knew it! you used me! I knew it too… yeah im just stupid!! I admit it„ so please let me go„ dont make me fall too deep or fly to high! im scared that Im gonna hurt more than this!! *already I am* @ankacha

Thought via Path

who the hell you are??? am I bothering you? just face it that you’re not longer exist! so get lost! #evil #witch #laughs #dings – Read on Path.

gak berhak anisa! sangat gak berhak!! super gak berhak!!!! face it, you loose already!! #stupidme

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hey ibu dokter gi”la”gi yang ngehitz banget„, happy wonderful bday„, wishing you all the best, cepet nikah sama a firman„ hihihihi lancar semuanya teh„, xoxo *cipok* ps : sushi tei yahyahyah salmon sashimi 4 porsi sendiri.. haahaha ♡♡♡ with Anggiani Dewi – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

you’ve done well„, keep the good work„, and make people proud of you, like I am„, good night sir„, good night universe„, sleep well and sleep tight… xoxo – Read on Path.

another cake„, done„, happy bday sir„, wish you all the best„, :) :) :) with Adhitya – View on Path.

another cake„, done„, happy bday sir„, wish you all the best„, :) :) :) with Adhitya – View on Path.


suddenly remember to our last conversation (2010) about your life thom„ how you get survive from the pain„ from the leftover feeling„ and how you can be happy now after all„ I miss those moments when I wake up in the middle of the night just to talk to you„, where are you now?! are you happy?? like your promise„, hope to see you in person someday„ :) :) :) #dearfriend

new chapter

so this the end„, really THE END„, im tired of waiting„ and no more waiting for something not worth„„ you’ve said you hate good bye„ then i’ll says to you now GOOD BYE you„ I’ll see you as NOBADY in the future„,

the end!

he not say directly that he still want her back, but its clear to see for me.. what I’ve done is nothing for him„ I’m hurt to love him, I’ve give my heart too fast„ for him I just diary friend, I knew it too„ and thats hurt me more„ I should stop it„ very soon, loving you is hurting me, loving you is wasting my time, loving you is pain, loving you make me stupid, loving you make me sad, I need to stop, I need my sense back!!! so many people care and love me„ why I should stay for the wrong one, you cant see me„ so good bye kang„ lets stop here„ im tired„

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